Juicing vs Blending, Do We Need to Choose One?

Juicing and blending are two different methods that produce drinks with different benefits and texture. So choosing one (why not both?) depends on what you’re looking for. Here we will try to explain the differences between the two methods.

When we blend, we use the whole ingredient, the output of the process is usually called a smoothie. The amount of the drink will be much more compared to juicing because we use the whole fruit or vegetable. The smoothie will contain all the pulp with some air. Juicing, on the other hand, extracts only the juices of the ingredients with pressing. Slow juicers separate the pulp and the drink will contain very little air.

The second thing is the ingredients you can use with each method. Blending is perfect for liquefying fruits like banana or leafy vegetables which are low in water content.
Juicing works best with water-rich fruits and vegetables, and high-end masticating juicers will even work with leafy vegetables. Juicing fruits like bananas, avocados or figs are a bad idea and won’t work.

If we compare the drinks, both methods produce a drink that has vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, etc. However, blending produces a drink, which also has a rich fiber content. This extra fiber is good for our health but needs more energy and enzymes to digest in our body, also nutrient absorption will be lower. Many experts say we will get only up to 35% of the vitamins and minerals with blending. This number is up to 99% with juicing.

The taste of the drinks are noticeably different too, especially green vegetables will taste better when using a slow juicer. Blending green vegetables will produce a drink with a grassy taste.
With blending you will also feel full quicker because of the fiber and air bubbles in the drink, this is not the case with juicing.

Now you know the main differences, we think combining the two methods is the best, so having both a blender and a juicer may be a good idea.

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